Customer Acquisition Programs

Build your client base with state-of-the-art marketing tools designed to access and connect with new and current business accounts. When you couple SBR's components with your bank's Deposit, Lending and Cash Management products - your Client Acquisition Strategy transforms into a real powerhouse!

NewBizFilings branch small-business deposit acquisition program is a proven and profitable way for banks to acquire recently formed businesses' deposits today, as well as to be first in line to offer lending services in one to two years, when credit is established.


  • Targets more than 3.2 million new businesses and 2.3 million secondary filers
  • Targets by Branch radius and SIC so you reach only specific businesses you want (i.e. professional services)
  • Works with 2,200 local municipalities and 50 state governments
  • Yields a Return on Investment topping 425%
  • Deposits range from $10,000 to $250,000

SBRBizSales small business acquisition program is an effective way to acquire new lending, deposit and cash management accounts. It also identifies and targets select businesses fitting the profiles of profitable customers you wish to acquire.


  • Offers extensive database of more than 5 million businesses 1 year or older with more than $500,000 in sales
  • Targets by Branch radius, industry, credit, years in business and revenue, so you're reaching choice businesses
  • Allows bankers to follow up by phone after mailing direct response piece
  • Yields a Return on Investment topping 465%
  • Average business buys 2.5 products

SBReBizSales can effectively help your bank reach small businesses in your footprint through targeted solo emails & banner ads. This leads to acquisition of business deposit, checking, savings, lending and cash management services.


  • Includes one of the most accurate B2B databases available in digital media
  • Reaches 23 million small businesses with banner ads; 8 million solo emails
  • Multiple targeting capabilities include: industry, title of executive & geography
  • Reaches tough-to get to decision-makers while they read their favorite e-magazine or website
  • Average cost per sale is less than $200

Provide a tool for your web visitors to helps them determine which Bank Products are right for them. The service is flexible for any of your banking products or services.


  • Custom solution that allows the end user to get more information
  • The analyzer has your bank's look and feel
  • Select the Product Solutions button on your site
  • Provides your customer with the best solution

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