Wealth Management

Whether still in the workforce or at retirement age, most people face the challenge of managing, growing and nurturing their wealth. Add to this a constantly shifting economic outlook, and it's clear these individuals have a lot to consider.

SBR will help your bank provide answers to your clients' most critical questions - making YOU their trusted wealth-management consultant. Our FINRA-reviewed proprietary content features regularly updated articles and information on taxes, estates and trusts, planning, insurance, investing, private banking and retirement. SBR's financial tools include calculators, worksheets, stock/quote information and much more. In addition, we customize all material to your specifications, creating a value-added resource to complement your bank's wealth management products.

SBR's personalized e-newsletters deliver bank updates, financial news and wealth management information directly to clients. Sent on a regular schedule, they offer the perfect showcase to cross-sell bank products - and to attract new wealth management clients. Your bank sets the direction for every newsletter, so it's your personality your clients will see.

On the social media front, SBR can structure, populate and post on sites such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Besides educating wealth management clients via timely, thought-provoking blogs, articles and financial tips, your bank will be able to engage them on a more immediate level. At the same time, you'll have yet another online venue to promote your wealth management products.

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