Small Business Deposit Acquisition Program

NewBizFilings branch small-business deposit acquisition program allows your bank to acquire new companies' deposits today. What's more, you can be the first in line to offer lending services when they establish credit in one to two years.


SBR compiles records from 2,200 municipalities and 50 states on a daily basis and makes these records available to you.

More than 3.2 million companies annually file to launch businesses - for the first time - with their respective secretaries of state, county and city governments.

SBR compiles data on 2.3 million annual secondary+ filings, providing key business cycle data on professional licenses, business occupancy filing, corporate and partnership registrations.

Here are some examples:

  • An attorney who needs to expand from a home office to a commercial location and must file for business occupancy
  • A doctor who has recently opened a practice and must pay sales tax
  • A CPA who has recently filed for a professional license


SBR can identify how many thousands of new businesses reside within one, three, five or 10 miles of your bank's branch.

SBR can suppress industries you don't wish to market to so you reach only those business you want to target.

SBR will identify how to pilot your program and also will calculate the return on investment.


Highlights of SBR's Direct Response Mail Program include:

  • Creative Design - SBR will provide best practices and creative tips for optimal response.
  • Delivery Point Validation - SBR assures 100% postal-verified and guaranteed delivery.
  • Unlimited, Full Data Use - SBR provides your bank with weekly records of all contacted companies.
  • Full Contact Information - All records you receive include owner/entity name and address.
  • Faster Delivery, Top ROI - SBR mails 4x6 first-class postcards every day.


SBR will provide monthly analytics and results for each campaign, including:

  • First or secondary filings
  • Type of creative or offer
  • Type of business
  • Timing of sale

See It In Action

Click on the images below to see examples for each area.

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