Business Deposit, Lending and Cash Management Acquisition Program

SBRBizSales small business acquisition program allows your bank to procure new lending, deposit and cash management accounts from selected companies. Specifically, these firms match the profiles of profitable customers you aim to acquire.


SBR compiles daily records from vast sources to form one of the most elaborate business databases available in today's market. It includes:

  • 5.1 million companies more than 2 years old
  • 3.4 million companies with more than $1 million in sales


SBR can identify how many thousands of existing businesses operate within one, three, five or 10 miles of your bank's branch.

SBRBizSales can suppress industries you don't wish to target, so you reach only those companies you want to.

SBR will identify how to pilot your program, as well as calculate the return on investment.


SBRBizSales provides a range of services to assure your bank gets superior results:

  • Creative Design - SBR provides best practices and creative tips for optimal responses.
  • Delivery Point Validation - SBR assures 100% postal verified and guaranteed delivery.
  • Mailing Record - SBR provides weekly records of customer mailings.
  • Contact Information - All records include owner/entity name, address, phone numbers and other requested selects.
  • Postcards - SBR mails high-quality daily 6x9 postcards for the highest ROI.


SBRBizSales keeps your bank fully informed with monthly analytics and results for every campaign. Data includes:

  • Type of creative or offer
  • Type of business, revenue size, industry
  • Timing of sale

See It In Action

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